Charcoal/wood smoked slow roasted meats

Pork (jowl/neck/shoulder/belly/sausage)

Beef (cheek/brisket/flank/rump)

Lamb (shoulder/rib/leg)

Chicken (whole boneless/breast/maryland)

Fish, salmon or cod (whole/fillet)

*Premium cuts available at additional market value.
**Whole and half beast available upon request.


Salad sides $3.50pp

Risoni, silverbeet, Sicilian green olives, parsley, lemon and pine nuts (v, ve)

Quinoa, roasted pumpkin, haloumi, kale, pepitas and salsa verde (v, gf)

Baby cos, cherry tomato, feta, kalamata olives and cucumber (v, gf)

Vermicelli, lemongrass, ginger, chilli, Thai basil, shallots and lime (v, ve, gf)

Roasted spiced cauliflower, couscous, almonds and pomegranate (v, ve)

Seasonal tomatoes, bocconcini, basil, balsamic and pangrattato (v)

Pearl couscous, zucchini, sweet potato, lemon and parsley (v, ve)

Green papaya, chilli, dried shrimp, fish sauce, lime and palm sugar (v, gf)

Vegetable sides $3.50pp

Caramelised beets, dried cranberries and walnuts (v, ve, gf)

Fried green beans, garlic, chilli and shallots (v, ve)

Smashed brussels sprouts, butter and parsley (v, gf)

Broccoli, slivered almonds and confit tomato (v, ve, gf)

Glazed Dutch carrots, maple syrup and burnt sage butter (v, gf)

Roasted portobello mushrooms, hazelnut and white truffle oil (v, gf)

Green baby peas, mint, and ricotta salata (v, ve, gf)

Charred corn cobs, peppers, butter, red onion and tarragon (v, gf)

v - vegetarian, gf - gluten free, ve - vegan